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Paraquat Lawsuit TV Commercials

Lawsuits all over the USA are being filed by hard-working farmers & agricultural workers who have experienced Parkinson's Disease and Kidney Disease.

Studies are citing a link between Parkinson's Disease and the popular herbicide Paraquat.

Thousands of growers who were exposed to Paraquat and developed Parkinson's Disease, tremors, and end-stage renal failure may be able to pursue compensation. Call our experienced lawyers today for a free consultation. We will not get paid unless we obtain compensation for you!

TV Ads Notify PD Patients of Litigation

TV ads are noting that complaints are being filed by farmers, growers, and agricultural workers who had been exposed to Paraquat that include: 

  • Exposure while mixing and/or loading Paraquat
  • Exposure while applying or spraying herbicide Paraquat on crops
  • Exposure while managing other farmers doing any of the above tasks
  • Exposure to Paraquat while working on the farm or field in which the herbicide was sprayed

Most of the TV ads conclude by saying that Parkinson's Disease patients and families have already filed began filing lawsuits against Paraquat manufacturer Syngenta.

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Gramoxone Lawsuit TV Commercials

Gramoxone is another name for an herbicide made by Syngenta that contains Paraquat. Gramaxone is an organic compound under the Methyl Viologen family, and has been banned in several counties.

Click here for information on chemical herbicides that contain Paraquat.

Where Can I Watch Paraquat Lawsuit TV Commercials

Visit our Paraquat TV Commercial YouTube channel for all of the most up-to-date TV ads, so that you can share them with friends or family.

Make A Claim After Watching Paraquat Lawsuit TV Ads

To make a claim or if you want to learn more information, visit our Paraquat Lawsuit Attorneys page. Visit our Paraquat TV Commercial YouTube channel for more information about Paraquat Lawsuit TV ads & commercials.


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Farming and Movement Evaluation Study -  February 2011 by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. See
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